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Day/Night on Sat 27th April 2024!


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Event Information

 Supplementary Regulations

NSW 6Hour Scoring System (unchanged from 2023)

* NEW * Further Supplementary Regulations

 Important Info for this years event 

What is the NSW 6Hour Regularity Relay?

Team Number and Garage Allocation

Event Schedule

* NEW * Information Session Slides for Team Managers and Drivers (Unfortunately, the recording didn't work for some reason. Apologies) 

* NEW * Drivers Briefing Notes

* NEW * Time Nomination Form (do not submit till the day of the event. Refer to the supp regs for its use)


Driver Registration

Team entries closed Tue 12th March 2024

Driver Registration aka "B Form" (Ensure the team is entered first)

 Driver Parent/Guardian Consent Form (if the driver is under 18 years of age)

* NEW * B Form (Driver Registration) status - For Team Managers - Last Updated 21st April

* NEW * Car Numbers (Showing drivers who have completed their B Forms) - Last Updated 21st April



If you are interested in being a part of the growing NSW 6Hour event, please get in touch with us. Various packages available for negotiation. Email us


Passenger Rides

 Limit of 2 passengers per driver. Entries closed Friday 5th April 2024.

 Passenger Ride Parent / Guardian Consent Form (Required if the passenger is under 18 years of age)

Passenger Rides


Pitwall Access

Pitwall Access Form <- Apply for one here

* NEW * Pitwall passes submitted so far   (drivers don't need to complete)



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Frequency asked Questions

Most of the frequently asked questions are answered in the Supp Regs. Please refer to them first.

Q. What is a CRO?

A. The CRO is the Competition Relation Officer. He or she is the first point of contact for team manager to escalate their concerns, and if necessary will liaise with the Clerk of Course on your behalf.

Q. Can I enter two different teams?

A. No. You may only enter and compete with one team. 

Q. Do I need previous experience?

A. It is preferred that competitors have some previous sprint experience in Club Events Gokart or motorcycle racing. Refer 10A of sup regs

Q. Can I use my road car?

A. Yes you can use your road car subject to it passing scrutineering.

Q. Are extra garages available?

 A. No, we will only allocate one garage per team. A carport is also made available to the first 36 teams entered.

Q. Can junior drivers compete?

A. Yes Junior drivers can complete. See Reg 4 of the Sup regs.

Q. Can I use radio contact between car and pit crew?

A. No you cannot use any type of radio or lap timer in your car.

Q. Can I request a garage next to my mates team?

A. The committee will attempt to adhere to all requests to place club teams together in adjoining garages where possible. 

Q. Do I need a race suit?

A. No you do not need a race suit for this event.  All drivers must be covered from neck to wrist to ankles.  Clothing of flammable synthetic material, such as nylon is not acceptable.
However, it is strongly recommended that a Driving Suit should be worn.

Q. What tyres can I use?

A. The tyres on your vehicle do not need to be special tyres however strongly recommended. All tyres must be in a roadworthy condition.  Remember this is an endurance event your tyres will wear and weather conditions can change.  If the circuit is wet, only vehicles with treaded tyres will be permitted on the circuit. Contact  Gordon Leven Tyres for any advice on what tyres to use.

Q. Can I share a car with a second driver?

A. Yes two drivers can share the same vehicle.  If sharing a vehicle, when you are driving, the Vehicle must display the number allocated to you, and it must carry the Dorian timer allocated to you.  Vehicles must only display one number and carry one Dorian at any time on the circuit.

Q. Can I use my own Dorian timer?

A. Yes you may use your own Dorian Timer. You will be asked this information during the driver entry system. However, Eldee Timing will have timers available for hire for all cars if your team manager requests this during team entry which is paid for at the time of team entry.

Q. I do not have a Dorian Timer.  Will I still be able to enter?

A. Yes Eldee Timing will have timers available for hire for all cars if requested during the team managers entry process. 

Q. What license do I require to take part in this event?

A. As the NSW 6 Hour is a regularity event, you will require a Motorsport Australia Speed or Speed Junior licence or above to be able to compete. Refer Section 4 of the Sup Regs

Q. Will I be able to purchase a license on the day?

A. No; you must purchase your license prior to the event.

Q. Do I need a frontal head restraint?

A. Please refer to this diagram on the Motorsport Australia site - FHR Diagram

Q. Do I need to bring my car to Scrutineering?

A. No. Vehicles with a Motorsport Australia Log Book are included in the Target Audit system and will be audited in their garage if the vehicle hasn’t been audited for the 3 previous events or 12 months. Vehicles without log books must self-scrutiny and will be subject to random audits in their garage.

Q. What is the Registration/scrutineering process for Drivers?

A. Registration for all Drivers will be conducted in the scrutineering bay on the morning of Sat 29th April. (please refer to the supp regs or the event schedule for more details). Drivers must bring with them their helmet & apparel, log book and/or registration papers or proof of legal ownership if the vehicle has neither. If the vehicle is not in the Driver’s name, an Automobile Legal Owners Declaration form is to be completed by the owner and brought to scrutineering as well. A windscreen sticker will be issued by scrutineering, cars are not permitted onto the track without this sticker.

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If you have any questions, please feel free to fill in the contact form below, and a member of the NSW 6Hour committee will get back to you.