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2016 Ladies Club Level Motorsport Development Program


The main objective of the NSW Road Racing Club’s Club Level Motorsport Ladies Development Program was to take the intimidation out of the sport for women.

The Ladies Development Program (LDP) was a six part program, run over 4 months, which took ladies through all aspects of club level motorsport. At the end of the program ladies now feel comfortable to be able to enter Supersprints, Motorkhana’s, Hillclimbs and Regularity events with confidence, knowledge and event readiness.

Participants of the program are now confident in being able to read and understand supplementary regulations, know which class their vehicle falls into, fill out event entry forms, know what clothing they are required to wear, how to check the cars water, oil, tyre tread and what tyre pressures they should be running, know what to do when they get to a race track on event day and most importantly how to be competitive on the track.

The LDP involved a series of skill building events which included:

  • - Two driver training sessions with Barton Mawer – racing driver and high performance driver coach

  • - Hillclimb training (from senior NSWRRC club members)

  • - Supersprint training (from senior NSWRRC club members)

  • - Regularity training (from senior NSWRRC club members)

  • - Motorkhana training (from senior RTDC club members)

  • - Officials training (from senior accredited CAMS officials)

Driver Training  - Marulan Dirt & Tarmac Circuits (MDTC)
Initial driver training day that covered the basics of driving on the track, what the different flags mean, what to do if you start to lose control etc. Training was carried out by Barton Mawer – high performance driver coach.

Regularity & Officials Training - SMSP North Circuit
As part of the NSWRRC 6 Hour Regularity Relay, participants received training from regularity experienced NSWRRC members in the discipline of Regularity. On the Monday participants received officials training from experienced Cams Officials. By completing officials training participants learnt valuable information off the track which will assist them on the track.

Super sprint & Hill Climb Training - MDTC
As part of the Come & Try Day that NSWRRC ran, participants of the Ladies Development Program received training from senior club members in Supersprint and Hillclimb disciplines.

Motorkhana Training - SMSP Skid Pan
In conjunction with Road & Track Drivers Club (RTDC) participants received training from senior RTDC members in the Motorkhana discipline at Sydney Motorsport Park Skid Pan.

Driver Training - MDTC
Participants received follow up driver training with high performance driver coach Barton Mawer to look at how far participants had developed in the past few months. This driver training day built on their learning’s to-date to progress them further in their track driving skills in preparation for entry into their first Supersprint.

Super Sprint - SMSP North Circuit
By this stage of the program participants were event ready to enter their first Supersprint at the Cams State Round Supersprint being run by NSWRRC. 

For further information on the program please contact Rachelle Wilson on 0430 249 361 or email [email protected]

Click here to view the Final Report of the program which includes feedback from program participants. 

The Ladies Club Level Motorsport Development Program was a joint funded program between NSW Road Racing Club and the Confederation of Australian Motorsport (CAMS).