Historic Rego

Important Update. Effective January 1st, 2023. 

New members need to:

  • Be a member for 3 months before applying for historic rego
  • Attend 3 club activities per year which must include
    • 2 club meetings in person or via Zoom


  • Any 1 of the following:
    • Assist in a Club related task
    • Attend the AGM
    • Compete in a club hosted event, or
    • Volunteer as a motor sport official for a club hosted event



It's easy to get a car registered as an Historic or Classic Vehicle and it much less than normal registration.

If your car is at least 30 years old, as close to original condition (except for enhancements to safety) and has been declared "safe", you can save LOTS per year on registration costs.

Members can have a maximum of 2 historic registrations with the club at this time.


Here are the first four steps:
1. Get yourself a vehicle that is 30 years or older with minimal modifications . If the vehicle is modified then it may be eligible for Classic vehicle registration.
2. Obtain Proof of registration entitlement . Such as Proof of Ownership e.g a Bill of Sale. More info at the Services NSW website
3. Join the NSWRRC. Only $90 per year ($115 for the initial year of sign up) and offers discounted motorsport event entry and many benefits.
4. A Safety Check Report (remember these?) . Formerly called pink slip , they may be sought at any Authorised Safety Check Inspection Station (ASCIS) in NSW. Cost is $42 and are valid for 40 days.

Now once your vehicle has passed the Pink Slip, simply fill out an
Historic Vehicle Declaration (form 1259)and safe use declaration (form 1245) 

Now.. you are nearly there !

These forms, together with the original pink slip need to be posted to the Club historic vehicle Registrar. These can NOT be photocopies as the registrar stamps the declaration form and will send them all back to you.

(Contact the club's historic vehicle registrar for postal details)

Then get your issued plates

Head to Services NSW

  • It is $96 for the first year (includes plates) and a vehicle logbook.
    • This logbook MUST be filled out for every trip you do APART from designated club events.
    • The scheme allows for the registered operator to use the vehicle for up to 60 days per year.
    • For every year thereafter , it is just $47 to register the vehicle and includes CTP insurance.
    • The paper pink slip needs to be sought every year , e-safety checks (online) are not acceptable / possible.

Last step is to send a photo of the car with the historical plates on it to the club's historic vehicle registrar at registrar@nswrrc.com.au


Classic Vehicle Scheme differences

The same as above BUT..

  • A blue slip must be sought from an Authorised Unregistered Vehicle Inspection Station (AUVIS) no longer than 42 days old.
  • Fill out Form 1835
  • The Blue Slip is a more rigorous check of a vehicle's roadworthiness with special attention to engineering and compliance. Most street rods etc. will have this type of conditional registration as modifications not from factory are permitted. (Increased horsepower ).
  • Another common example is a 1960s car that came with 14' diameter wheels from factory and now has 17' wheels. This would be acceptable for Classic Vehicle registration and not Historic Vehicle Registration . The larger wheels are not a period option, accessory or safety item for that car.
  • More info is online at Services NSW  here

Any questions get in contact with the club's historic vehicle registrar at


Frequently Asked Questions


What is the difference between historic and conditional?

Conditional is modified and Historic is unmodified basically. Conditional usually needs a vehicle safety compliance certificate (VSCC) also known as an engineers certificate


Do I have to wait for my full registration to expire before I can apply for historic registration, and do I get any money back on the full registration paid period I dont use?

You can apply for historic registration at any time, and can get a partial refund of rego and CTP by cancelling your current registration.


Do I still need a greenslip if I have historic registration?

No, a greenslip is not required for historic registration


How long are safety checks valid for?

Safety checks are valid for 6 months. 


What are the conditions regarding multiple clubs?

You can nominate up to four clubs and use the vehicle for ALL their events AND 60 days private use.

Basic requirements are proof of club financial membership, a vehicle of 30 years of age or older and proof of ownership.


How many days a year can I drove my car on historic registration?

Outside of organised car club events, up to 60 days per year (that need to be recorded in a historical vehicle log book) More information here