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NSW Road Racing Club Congratulates the 2018 competitors and champions.


1st Outright - Alex Tickle

2nd Outright - Rachelle Wilson

3rd Outright - Jeremy Stirling


Download a copy of the complete Club Championship point score


How the 2018 Championship was scored

Simplified Version

Your fastest 4 times (one per heat or run) on the day count. (Used in fastest to slowest order)

1st   10 points

2nd 9.5 points

3rd   8 points

And so on dropping by half a point. 

  • A 0.5 bonus point for beating everyone in your class 3 out of 4 heats. 
  • You will also need to Volunteer at a NSWRRC hosted event during the year Scoring 20 Bonus Points.


Enter all rounds and Volunteer

You  drop your lowest scoring round and get a Bonus 20 points.

Drop a round and Volunteer

Your missed round is dropped and you get a Bonus 20 points.

Enter all rounds and don’t Volunteer

Your highest scoring round will be considered your drop round and will be deducted from your final score.

Drop a round and don’t Volunteer

Your missed round and your highest scoring round will be dropped.

Any questions, please contact me via this link: [email protected]

Note: You need to be entered in each event under NSWRRC to score  championship points.