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                                                 2016 NSWRRC CLUB CHAMPIONS
Big Congrats to all the participants in this years Club Championship. It was anyone's for the taking and keeping with Traditions of the past 2 years, the top 3 were separated by only a handful (or two) of points!
Congratulations Paul Ormerod, our 2016 Club Champion!
Congratulations Ash Mansell for a Brilliant Rookie season as Runner Up!
And Congratulations Paige Butchers on another top 3 result! That's in to top 3, 3 seasons in a row!

A challenging day with challenging conditions during round 9 of the club championship at SMP on the South Circuit.

The track was damp, tyres were cold and windscreen wipers didn't help many from facing the wrong way or finding the grass at some stage throughout the day.

It was RTDC's first Interclub supersprint since joining the three other clubs at the beginning of the year. This was a great turnout for them being the final round of the year and the weather being less than inviting.

Adrian Whatley got maximum points in the conditions. His Evo 7 being a 4 wheel drive helped keep him on the black stuff all day long.

Paul Ormerod brought his little Mazda out again. The Mazda was seen to be cutting the grass at high speed through the last few corners after some limit testing in the tricky conditions.

Paige Butchers was in good form with an impressive time of 1:07.0040 in the Prelude and was also one of the many that spun on the day.

Notables on the day were:

  • First ever Interclub hosted by RTDC.
  • Adrian Whatley was the fastest club member on the day with a 1:04.569 in his EVO 7.
  • Spins were frequent due to the damp track conditions.
  • Kevin was out in his Ford Sierra which kept everyone guessing all day what type of car it was.
  • The officials did a great job!!!!

It was a bright but cool day in Goulburn for round 7 of the NSWRRC championship combined with round 6 of the NSW CAMS Supersprint championship at Wakefield Park. With limited garages and parking spaces, competitors were in early to find themselves a spot. There were 10 club members representing the club on the day with all cars looking the goods.

Howard Long was the fastest of the NSWRRC club members on the day with an outstanding 8th overall and only 2 seconds off the pace of a Lamborghini Gallardo and a Porsche GT3 RSR, both in full race spec.

Adam Savic’s MNR Vortx looked stunning on the day and took out the win in 5B. The car appears to handle like it’s on rails.

Adrian Whatley and James McMahon battled it out in 2C in their EVOs with Adrian taking the win by 1.5 seconds.

Rick Hodgson in his Nissan Gazelle and Paige Butchers in her Honda Prelude battled out the day in 3C. Rick managed to pull off a super fast 1:09 which was enough to take the day.

Paul Ormerod brought his little Mazda SP20 out again but this time he shared the wheel with Rhiana Froome. Paul’s experience with the Mazda was just too much for Rhiana with Paul taking the win in 3B with a 5 second margin.

John Hatton looked stunning in his EH Holden. The car is always presented so well and his commitment to delivering consistent lap times is really showing. Over the 2nd half of the day, there was barely a second between times.

Ash Mansell again had a strong showing in his blue Fiat 500. Ash and the Fiat nailed it for consistency bringing home the win in 1A. His consistent results all season have really put him in a commanding position for the championship this year.

It’s getting to the pointy end of the season now and the battle for the championship up front is a nail biter. Ash Mansell holds the lead but hot on his heels are Paul Ormerod, James McMahon and Paige Butchers. Make sure you head out and support your favourite for the last few rounds.

Sydney turned on the weather for round 6 of the club championship back at SMP on the South Circuit.

With a full field of competitors, the pits were bustling with a range of different cars competing on the day. The day was action packed with quite a few people ending up off circuit with quite a few lengthy delays in the morning for track cleanup.

For the first time out Ash Mansell was joined by 3 other Fiat 500’s although they were all race cars and unfortunately not in his class. The little Fiats were great to watch and see just how nimble they were on circuit.

Adrian Whatley was strong and consistent all day taking the win in 2C. His Evo 7, as well as looking the goods, was in top form all day.

Paul Ormerod brought his little Mazda out which performed extremely strongly all day. It was really exciting to watch him wrestle the little Mazda through corners on the absolute edge for most of the day.

Richard Wong had some slick tyres on the Clio which looked super stable on the bends. He did mention the slicks took a bit of getting used to but found it a lot of fun by the end of the day.

Notables on the day were:

  • Largest field we have ever catered for on the South Circuit with 95 entries.
  • John Moore was the fastest club member on the day bringing his RCR in 9th overall on the day.
  • Paige Butchers and James McMahon battled all day trading times with Paige pipping James on the line by 0.2 of a second.
  • Stephen Wilson and John Hatton were super consistent all day in their Holdens.
  • Kieran Pradeep was waving to everyone from the best flag marshalling vantage point on the track.

Round 5 of the club championship was back at SMP with a twist.... and it wasn't Lemon!

Well lets just say nobody needed a shower before or after this one!

Although I was relegated to the side-lines I had my heart in my mouth many times watching the day unfold as the rain just got worse and worse. It was a relief at the end of the day for many of us that there was no major incidents and only some relatively minor altercations.

The smart guys on the day seemed to rely on the use of what grip there was rather than Horse Power or straight line speed. Although most people ran their best times early in the day, it was Interesting to watch Ash Mansell in his Fiat continually get quicker as the day and rain progressed.

Notables on the day were:

  • Ash Mansell held on to his narrow championship lead.
  • James McMahon's Evo seems to be getting stronger and more reliable.
  • Paige Butchers had a great run finally getting away from the problems that have beset her Honda at recent events.
  • Club champion Jon Mansell dropped out of this years hunt after having to sit  out this round  as well as round 3 and the next.
  • Kieran Pradeep closes on the Championship leaders.
  • Glen Pitkethly starts to make a run at the championship.

Point Score download below

Paul Ormerod with some Interesting window tint.

Round 4 was the fantastic Tour De Course rally put on by AROCA as part of the Classic Rally Club championship.

It was a very cool and blustery morning but luckily there was shelter and great coffee at the Bulli Tops start point.  We all set off with confidence brimming but those tricky map readings and an answer to a question that had been removed from the scenery tripped many of us up in the mid morning. 

The country side and the warm winters day sun through the Wollondilly shire area was beautiful and the many classic cars scattered through it made the mornings run very enjoyable. The run down the motorway up to Wingecarribee shire was a nice break for a while and soon we were at lunch which was as usual for Tour De Course at Southern Highlands wines where they always put on a great meal. Getting in for lunch at 12.30 as last of the NSWRRC runners but only 3/4 of the way down the entire field was pretty good as I never like to run up the front.

Soon it was thinking caps on and off again for the afternoons sections through the stunning NSW Southern Highlands. This is where Tina and I were able to pull back on the lost points and distance from the mornings mapping mishap.  A bit of local knowledge does help however, a bridge being closed meant we all had to detour and reset our meters at the restart point, but with some of us being given the miles reset instead of the kilometres reset due to the age of our cars it threw question and road distances out and it took a while to realise the error but quickly remedied and shrugged off with a laugh.

Parc Firme being at the good old Sutton Forrest Hotel where after about 300k's for the day we were all glad to take a break, share stories and have a drink while watching the unconfirmed points being totalled before heading home.

All in all, a fantastic day and a great way to spend only $100 and a tank of petrol.

Notables for the day were:

  • There was a tie in the point score with James McMahon & his navigator and Rachelle Wilson & Palak Bhatt  taking victory on the day
  • Tina & Jon although CRC championship competitors did not win on the day
  • Rocky and Bulwinkle showed up and ran
  • Although late to the start point due to travel commitments Kieran (teamed with Jeremy) & Palak (teamed with Rachelle) did a fantastic catch up job on the field.
  • Paige & Kerry Butchers in the only Capri in the field finished strongly.

For those interested to run again, their is another Rally coming up on Saturday 9th July.  It's only $80 entry fee, Starting and ending at Mittagong RSL. Contact Jon Mansell if you are interested at [email protected]

Rocket J Squirrel in conversation with Jeremy, Rachelle & Kerry about their day.

Download your copy of the championship pointscore so far.

Round 3 of the 2016 club championship was at MDTC on 22nd May 2016

The MDTC Time Trial round was great fun for all that attended.

The weather was spectacular and we all enjoyed the summerish weather that the Southern highlands has been turning on lately.

Nobody had a dream run at this event and the points were up and down all day for everyone. At the end of the day, James McMahon won the round with only 43 points. 

The battle at the top end has certainly hotted up with Paul taking the lead from Ash. Jams McMahon has slipped into 3rd with Glen Pitkethy close behind in 4th.

Notables for the event were....

  • Kieran was in an Audi
  • Mike Barton was no where to be seen
  • Jon Mansell who was quietl confident of a good showing was there but unable to compete
  • Paige's Honda didn't break down

It will be interesting to see the points games unfold as those using this event as their dropped round gear up for the next few events.

Round 2 of the 2016 club championship was at MDTC on 23rd April 2016

Eagle tyres Sprint & Climb was definitely a close run, hotly contested battle.

We had  the pick of the weather from the weekend with a beautiful sunny day at picturesque MDTC. There was  a fantastic array of cars and a diverse lot of characters. This was also a round of the Ladies Development series and a Come N Try event.

Notables from the day were,

  • Paul Ormerod won the day in a Tie Breaker with Adrian Whatley.
  • The most photographed car on the day won the best presented car for the event.
  • Paige Butchers had front left suspension issues again.
  • Although out-gunned for Kw Jon Mansell played the strategy game to win his class.
  • Shock Championship Leader
  • There were no Capri's

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The 2016 Season kicked of for NSWRRC members on 5th March 2016. 

It was a simmering hot day and as expected took its toll on cars.  Some managed personal bests during the day and some hard luck stories too.
A few notables were,

  • Rick Hodgson's Birthday
  • Paul Ormerod is now in a Fwd Mazda 323
  • Fantastic Pace from Mark Thompson's Capri
  • Ross Elliott had more bad luck with his Capri
  • Rick Hodgson Leads the Championship!!

BIG THANKS to all the marshal's and officials who braved the heat all day so the we could all have a fun behind the wheel.

How the championship is scored

The 2016 club championship is scored in a vastly different way to previous years to even the results out. Previous years have seen the single car classes with a large point scoring advantage against the rest of the classes. This can be viewed as an unfair advantage and I wanted to address this issue for 2016.

At any event, each heat attracts its own set of points per class.

1st  10

2nd 9

3rd 8

And so on down the list. If there are 2 or more cars in your class, the winner will receive 1 bonus point for that heat.

The first 5 heats only at any event, will attract championship points. 

A perfect score for a heat is 11 points for multiple car classes and only 10 for single car classes. 

A perfect score for an event is 55 points for multiple car classes and only 50 for single car classes.

MDTC Time Trials will be one class as usual as it is an even playing field for everyone. 

It will be scored on your total points at the end of each of the 4 main heats. 

The highest points in each heat will get the 1 bonus point. 

The final placings for the day will be the 5th set of scores with the outright winner receiving the bonus point there. 

Perfect score 55 points.

NO TIMING DEVICES OR MOBILE PHONES PERMITTED IN CARS.  Penalty is disqualification from championship points.

The Touring Rally will be scored slightly differently with once again, everyone in one class as engine size etc makes no difference.

Points will be awarded for 

1. Correct questions in the morning + Bonus point

2. Correct VRC Boards in the morning + Bonus point

3. Correct questions in the afternoon + Bonus point

4. Correct VRC Boards in the afternoon + Bonus point

5. Final placings for the day with outright winner receiving the bonus point

Any questions on this, please contact our Club Captain.