NSW Road Racing Club

The club that gives you the right place to race

Recent Club Champions

2016 Club Champion
Paul Ormerod
Paul took out the club Championship in 2016.
The Narrowest win we have seen in years with Paul edging out our Rookie Of The Year by 2 points in the final event.

2015 Club Champion

Jon Mansell

Jon wins it again and becomes one of a handful of drivers to win the championship twice. His future goal is to win the club championship a 3rd time.

2014 Club Champion

Paige Butchers 

Our clubs first ever female club champion. Since returning from Europe she has won our clubs female championship 3 times in succession.

2013 Club Champion

Jon Mansell

After years of trying, Jon  won the club championship in 2013. He enjoys competing in many different types of club level motorsport and is possibly the most active club member we have.

2011 & 2012 Club Champion

Rob Kolimackovski

Rob did the double header, which puts him in the elite group with only a few others. A great competitor.

2009 & 2010 Club Champion

Steve Lacey

Steve  is another of the elite few club members to do the double header. Steve now mainly competes in Sports Sedans winning Division 1 series in 2015 and 

Division 2 series in 2013Look out for him and the big yellow Camaro on Blendline TV.






2016       Paul Ormerod

2015       Jon Mansell

2014       Paige Butchers 

2013       Jon Mansell

2012       Robert Kolimackovski

2011        Robert Kolimackovski

2010       Steve Lacey

2009      Steve Lacey

2008      Brian Metcalfe

2007      Brian Metcalfe

2006      John Bugh

2005      John Bugh

2004      Greg Cox

2003      Chris Petersen

2002      Brian Bugh

2001       Ben Parks

2000      Gary Carne

1999       Kerry Butchers

1998       Allan Bugh

1997       Chris Cartledge

1996       John Bugh/Jeff Connolly

1995       Jeff Connolly

1994       Vassilios Lialiarcs

1993       David Grubisa

1992       Peter Sanderson

1991        Wayne Gardner

1990      Dean Sanders

1989      Dean Sanders

1988      Peter Kelly

1987      Ken Greenway

1986      Michael Jarvis

1985      Toni Galli

1984      Mathew Facer

1983      Mick Kouros

1982      Toni Galli

1981      Albert Smart

1980      Rick Hodgson

1979      Bruce Costin

1978      Mick Crookford

1977      Albert Smart

1976      Les Pukowski

1975      Jim Lees

1974      N. Elbourne

1973      Brian Dale

1972      Ian Winchcombe

1971      J Parrett

1970      Neville Beyer

1969      Les Butler

1968      Brian Lawler

1967      B Brown

1966      D Brown

2016      Paige Butchers

2015      Rachelle Wilson

2014      Paige Butchers

2013      Paige butchers

2012      Paige Butchers

2011      Tiegan Butchers