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NSWRRC Club Championship

Many of us have been members of different car clubs. Ford, Holden, Mazda, FPV, HSV, this list is only limited by the diversity of cars available. But what makes this club so different is the diversity of cars which our members bring to the club. 

It also provides a unique opportunity to go up against other marques to see how you and your car stack up against others. The drivers who compete in this Championship are as diverse as the cars they drive. 

By not repeating any circuits, we have a championship that doesnt favour a single driver or car type!

Our Championship last season saw a Mazda 323 driven by a bloke whose hair does no justice to his age  take the Prize from a Fiat 500 driven by our Rookie of the year and third place by a Honda Prelude driven by our ever consistent Ladies Champion.

So come down and have a go.  
NSW Road Racing Club 2017 Club Championship

      Day          Date            Host Club          Venue                          Type
1     Sunday          19th February          NSWRRC                      MDTC                               Sprint & Climb
2    Sunday            19th March             NSWRRC              SMSP Gardner                  Supersprint (Interclub)
3    Sunday              11th June                   WRX                       Wakefield                      Supersprint (Interclub)
4    Sunday             25th June                AROCA             Southern Highlands                     Touring Rally
5    Sunday            6th August                SSCC                  SMSP Brabham                 Supersprint (Interclub)
6   Saturday       2nd September        NSWRRC               SMSP  Amaroo                 Supersprint (Interclub)
7    Sunday         22nd October             WSCC                       Huntley                                     Hillclimb
8    Sunday         19th November           SDMA                  Fairburn Park                                Hillclimb
9    Sunday              Nov/Dec                  TBC                            TBC                                              TBC

Events Dates and Cost summary

1.       Feb 19th – Sprint/Climb at Marulan (NSWRRC)  ($185)

2.      March 19th – Interclub GP Circuit (NSWRRC) ($260)

3.      June 11th – Interclub Wakefield (WRX) ($185)

*** June 25th – Tour D’Course Lunch Run (AROCA) ($35) This event has been downgraded to a lunch run. ***

4.      July 23rd - Sheep Station Rally (CRC) ($90)

5.      August 6th – Interclub Brabham (SSCC) ($260)

6.      September 2nd – Interclub South (NSWRRC) ($185)

7.      October 22nd – Huntley Hill Climb (WSCC)  ($90)

8.      November 19th - Fairburn Park (SDMA) ($140)

9.      November/December  – New Circuit up North late (TBC)