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Round 6 is done and dusted with only the Hill Climbs Left 

The season is almost done with the championship being very close. The top spot look all but sown up but anything can happen. A mechanical failure or any other issue can swing the championship in the last 2 rounds.  

Exciting times ahead of us in the last 2 rounds. Stay tuned!

How the 2017 Championship is scored

After a nail biting 2016 club championship, we have redesigned and created an evolution of it for the 2017 season. Double entered cars received an unfair advantage in the scoring and the gap with bonus points saw it almost impossible for a person in a multi vehicle class to have any chance of competing in the championship. 

Also new for this year is that, we want to encourage the participation of individuals in the less glamorous side of motorsport, officiating! So how does all this look, please see below:

Super Sprints/Hill Climbs:

We plan to move to a 4 round system moving forward. Your top 4 times (one per heat) on the day will be used rather than grading people at the same time. This allows you to make strategic calls on whether you want to save tyres or if you are waiting for the track to come to you. You can also use it the extra sessions as a practise session. It also rewards those who run the full 5 sessions using the first one to setup their cars.

No bonus points per heat for coming first as we did in 2016 as this saw too big a gap between 1st and 2nd. Scoring positions as 10 points for 1st, 9 for 2nd, and so on. Thus if you come first in all your top times, you get 40 points, second is 36 and so on. There is already a built in bonus system.

But still, we thought there should be some reward for those in multi vehicle classes. Thus you get 0.5 bonus point for beating anyone in your class by a minimum of 3 of your times. This is low so as not to unfairly disadvantage those who don’t have anyone else in their class for no fault of their own. They can use the Rally to make up points or volunteering for the club.


Big chance for those falling behind to risk it all and have a go at catching up. But with great Risk comes the chance to lose big as well.

Tour competitive  

1st 60 points

2nd 45 points

3rd 43 points

(dropping by 2 points per position)

Tour Social

1st 50 points

2nd 48 points

(dropping 2 points per position)

Drop Rounds:

You may drop 1 round in the championship if you volunteer your time to club as an Official. The club will determine how best to use you on the day. We have the 6 hour and two State rounds where you can volunteer you time.

Scenario 1: You enter all rounds and volunteer

You get to drop your lowest scoring round and get a Bonus 20 points in the championship.

Scenario 2: You drop a round and Volunteer

Your missed round (score of zero) is dropped and you get a Bonus 20 points.

Scenario 3: You enter all rounds and don’t volunteer

You don’t get to drop a round here and your highest scoring round will be deducted from your final score.

Scenario 4: You drop a round and don’t volunteer

This scenario is probably the worst outcome as you will lose the round you dropped and your highest scoring round.

Any questions on this, please contact our Club Captain.

Note: You need to be entered in the event as part of the club to gain points in the Championship.